Where does inspiration come from?


What inspires writers? Some people have said to me, either, ‘Why did you write a book,’ or, more usually, ‘How could you write a book?’ Meaning that we are all time poor. It does take a lot of effort.  You should see my ironing pile. My answer, internally anyway, is usually, ‘How could I not?’

There seems to be something hard-wired in me to make sense of the world by writing. I have always wanted to put things on paper and keep them. The alchemy of writing, the magic of the designer’s touch, then seeing it all published has always fascinated me. For me it’s about taking a subject (as with my freelance work) and making sense of it. So nowadays, it’s usually sudden scribbles in a notepad or even on the back of my hand when I hear or see a slice of life that I’d like to capture. We can’t hold much time in our hands. In the words of  Josh Pyke, “…time is like the ocean,  You can only hold a little in your hands” ( The Summer). It’s true, but you can certainly record some of it in writing.

Who knows? At the end of the day, I will always be indebted to Allison Pearson for giving me the initial inspiration to actually write a book, not just a freelance article. The germ of it started back in 2003 when I picked up her fantastic novel, I Don’t Know How She Does It, and read it in about a week. I’d just had my second son, and felt the book had been written, ‘for me’. After a while, a tiny voice in my head said: ‘Maybe you could write a book, too?’ After that it took quite a long time (more of that on my next blog!) but it certainly planted a seed in me, a seed which took many, many years to grow, rather like a jacaranda tree…

daveWhere does inspiration come from?

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