About me

I was born in sunny Singapore and educated in boarding school in chilly Scotland, including Aberdeen University. This resulted in two things: an MA, coupled with a unique ability to get dressed under the duvet.

These days I mainly I look after three busy boys, but I have also managed to fit in a career too. My writing started off when I was at school and upon hearing that the school magazine was to cease trading, I decided to pick up the baton myself. After depleting the office of A4 paper, writing some of it, forcing other people to contribute, I drove the school secretaries mad as I jammed the photocopier and stapled my fingers together. But I did it, an Eddie Shah moment. And from then on, a love of publishing was born.

After that it was on to the heady heights of editing the university newspaper. Next came overseas travels where I started my love affair with Australia and ended up in Sydney working on various magazines like Cosmopolitan (they put me in charge of slightly more than stapling) – then back to the UK to work on OK! Magazine and the BBC’s Eve. I’ve also freelanced for various women’s magazines and other consumer titles.

Having babies and emigrating back and forth to Australia seemed like a fun idea because I was a little bored, frankly, of entertaining myself by hoovering up parts of Tellytubbies. So the whole family went off to Oz, caught a few waves, gained an accent and five passports – then came back again.

I now live in leafy Surrey and instead of vacuuming up Tellytubbies, I oversee the turnaround of nine sets of sweaty sports kit a week. Trust me, it’s easier to write a book. When I’m not doing that I’ll either be running, surreptitiously looking up ‘Venn diagrams’ on Google when my eight year old isn’t looking,  (otherwise known as overseeing homework) or tapping away at the computer. In between school runs I have also mastered the art of burning a lot of food whilst engrossed in spellcheck.

Photo by Scott Pickering